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Build Your Own Custom Fireplace

          Fireplace Concepts North America is an exclusive manufacturer of commercial and residential custom gas fireplaces. Our artisans go to remarkable lengths to make your unique vision a reality. Each custom-made fireplace is designed in great detail, fabricated to be extravagant and one of the kind and delivers innovative design features.

          How do you start building a custom fireplace? It all starts with your vision of your dream fireplace. You bring your design preferences and your personal style and our dedicated team of professionals will take it from here. We will conceptualize your custom fireplace vision working out all the details that involve custom fireplace design, fabrication and installation process, and answer all your questions in the simple-to-understand language. We will make suggestions and give advice regarding fireplace venting, gas line, electrical work, and others. We also discuss key contacts for design approval and site contacts, as well as project time frame. Once all the details have been agreed by both parties, the project will move to the design phase, where our team will provide fireplace specifications, drawings, wiring diagrams and gas schematics. We provide technical support to address any questions and/or concerns related to fireplace design, fabrication, installations, placements, running gas and electrical lines, fan locations, clearances and more.

           You have definitely come to the right place to build your own unique custom fireplace. Fireplace Concepts North America works with you to create your dream custom gas fireplace and make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking for a custom see-through, bay, peninsula, four sided, or indoor/outdoor or even open having no glass units, we can help you create your dream custom fireplace.

custom fireplace
custom firepit
custom burner

Our custom gas fireplaces are 100% custom; each and every custom fireplace is designed and fabricated based on clients's design and it is like no other fireplace out there.

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Custom outdoor fireplace will make your outdoor living as luxurious as the indoor. Design and build your own custom outdoor fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl and enjoy the warmth and beauty creating a cozy gathering place and an exciting focal point.

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Our custom burners are made of stainless steel and can be installed with natural gas or propane. There are several options available for igniting the burner.

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Go completely custom in indoor and outdoor modern fireplace designs to express your vision with limitless options

Custom Fireplace Installation

          Fireplace Concepts North America designs and manufactures custom built fireplace in such as way as to keep custom fireplace installation as simple as possible. Depending on the complexity of the fireplace, the installation may require the assistance of Fireplace Concepts North America professionals. In most cases it is suffice to provide a few instructions to the gas installer. One of our installers will go through the installation of the fireplace with the applicable site representatives prior to receiving the fireplace. In addition, technical support is available at any time during the installation or at any time you have any questions or concerns. In-person assistance may be arranged for a fee but it is not necessary by any means. In case of on-site collaboration, one of our designers will travel to the location to troubleshoot any installation issues.

          Our team has worked on many complex custom fireplaces installed at hospitals, hotels, restaurants, homes and has extensive knowledge to ensure that your new custom fireplace is beautiful, functioning safely and efficiently, and will provide you with years of trouble-free operation. Our services are provided throughout North America.

Media Options

           Wood and river rock create an organic, rustic feel, while crushed glass and polished stones suggest a subtle sophistication. Make sure the media you choose for your fireplace matches your room and design intent.

           What's New With Us? If you are interested to see our current projects, please visit What's New page.

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