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Custom Fireplace Fire Objects

          Choose from a variety of decorating mediums for your custom fireplace and enhance the visual appeal creating a truly custom-made look with dazzling details. Fire objects enrich the beauty of the flame and are a final touch to make your custom fireplace brilliant and startling. Make sure the media you choose for your fireplace matches your room and design intent. For pricing and quotes please contact our dedicated team or request a Bid Estimate.

Tumbled Lava Stones

     These lava stones are formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with cool water from the ocean and hardens as a result. The naturally occuring lava stones are gathered up and then go through a 'tumbling' process which removes any sharp edges and gives them their uniform shape. Because they are volcanic, they can withstand extreme temperatures without crumbling or exploding.
     Tumbled lava stones give a truly unique and stylish look to any custom gas fireplace which is a refreshing change from the usual fire wood. They may be used exclusively, or as a base for other fireplace ornaments, such as fire glass or lite stones. The best part is they require no maintenance at all.

custom fireplace fire objects

Cottage White Lite Stones

Cottage white is warm, homey color that is reminiscent of comfortable things such as buttermilk or cream. If you are planning an informal get-together with close family or friends, we suggest to add some of the cottage white lite stones to your custom fireplace.
          These lovely stones will not only enhance the beauty of the flames, but will also spread a little comfort and cheer in the gathering and garner some compliments from the guests too.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Natural Set Lite Stones

Imagine camping out in a rocky cave at night; your bonfire lighting up the rough interior, reflecting off the ancient, multicolored rocks and pebbles, creating a breathtaking display. When you add the natural set lite stones to your custom fireplace, you can create a similar display in your very own living room.
      The lite stones boast an old world charm. They have a stylish, yet minimalist design and create a neat and uncluttered look when used in a fire feature. The natural set lite stones derive their color from an environmentally friendly ceramic stain that gets absorbed into porous material. Extremely durable, the lite stones are guaranteed not to crack or burst when exposed to high temperatures and will not lose their color either. Furthermore, they will not release any harmful chemicals so they are perfectly safe! These natural set lite stones may be used alone, or may also be used with ceramic stones or fire glass of other colors for a completely unique look.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Black Lava Rock

From our Lava Rock Collection, it measures on average 4" - 6" and is used as an accessory to custom fire glass or fire pits. We recommend using Lava rock as a filler if you have a deep fireplace or firepit. For a complete design, add Fire Glass on top to cover the fire rock thoroughly so it will not be detectable.
      Because lava rock is economical, it is the perfect choice as the first filler that goes into a very large and/or dept fire feature to cover up the gas piping and tubes. Once the lava rock is spread the way you want it, add a layer of fire glass to create a truly astonishing design that will instantly become the focal point of your home or yard.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Pacific Blue Reflective Fire Glass

Many people can continue gazing at the deep blue, calm, waters of the ocean for long periods of time. The same is true about watching a cheery, yellow fire in a warm, cozy fireplace. Combine the two and you get a mesmerizing display, sure to capture the attention and imagination of all onlookers. Now, you can create exactly such a display in your fire feature with our 1/2" Pacific blue reflective fire glass.
      The deep blue hue of this reflective fire glass is the perfect complement to the oranges and reds of the fire, reminiscent of a breathtaking sunset over a calm sea. When the fire feature is set alight, the reflective quality of these beautiful glass pieces will only serve to enhance the mood, gleaming and reflecting the colors of the surroundings, enchanting the audience and becoming the focus of all conversations.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Clear Fire Glass

Fire Glass is a sure fire way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any fire feature and will also your space a more modern and stylish ambiance. If you are looking for fire glass that will blend seamlessly with any color scheme and style then this clear fire glass from our 1/4 fire glass collection is a terrific choice.
      The clear, sparkling, glass crystals look like diamonds and seem to spread tranquility and warmth all around. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, you might also want to try mixing it up with other vibrant colors in order to create an even more enchanting display. When the flames blaze over a bed of these clear, sparkling glass pieces, it creates a fire display which is nothing short of mesmerizing.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Rain Drop Luster Zircon Fire Glass

These beautiful one inch glass 'drops' will look absolutely lovely in both custom indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. The crystal clear color will easily blend with any shade of decor without clashing with it, or overwhelming it. Infused with silica, these lustrous beads will softly refract the light of the flame when it is lit, transforming and enhancing the ambiance of the surroundings. In fact, these lovely jewel-like glass pieces will impress your customers' visitors even when there is no flame.
      Furthermore, the fire glass does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, or ash, thus it is very easy to maintain and requires very little cleaning. Used correctly, this fire glass could last you a lifetime.

custom fireplace fire rocks

Black Diamond Zircon Fire Glass

The black diamond luster zircon fire glass is perfect for both classical or contemporary decors. It blends well with almost any color scheme, but goes especially well with white or light colors, delivering a very appealing contrast of colors. It will even look stunning when the fire feature is unlit.
      All the fire glass is made of high quality glass which has undergone a unique 5-step manufacturing process that gives it its brilliant shine and allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without any discoloration or damage. If used properly, this fire glass could last you a lifetime.

custom fireplace fire rocks



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