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          After we have answered all your questions and worked out all the details of the custom fireplace, fireplace venting, gas line, electrical work, etc, the next step is to proceed to the custom fireplace design. The custom fireplace design phase includes developing custom fireplace schematics and models. Custom fireplace design process will take a few days depending on the complexity of the custom fireplace. They might also be required for permits depending on the country and/or state of where the custom fireplace will be installed.

           Fireplace Concepts North America provides industry leading custom fireplace designs and specifications, which are vital in custom fireplace fabrication process, as well as installation. Our team of designers is experienced professionals that use latest technology industry standard applications to produce accurate design schematics, drawings, wiring diagrams and gas schematics. These designs are the basis for a well constructed custom designed fireplace that means all the requirements of the client. You have definitely come to the right place to build your own unique custom fireplace. We work with you to create your dream custom gas fireplace and make your vision a reality. Whether you are looking for a custom curved, see-through, bay, peninsula, four sided, or indoor/outdoor or even open having no glass units, we can help you create your dream custom fireplace. Contact our team of experts to provide you with a free estimate, no obligation quote, that outlines the fireplace, customizations and cost.

custom fireplace designs
custom fireplace           custom fireplace

Go completely custom in indoor and outdoor modern fireplace designs to express your vision with limitless options

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