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      Fireplace Concepts North America specializes in custom fireplace fabrication utilizing the highest quality materials in the fireplace industry, such as heavy gauge or stainless steel. Our custom fireplaces are manufactured by skilled artisans, who have built a variety of custom fireplaces for many years ranging from 3 feet to massive 28 feet fireplaces. There has not yet been a fireplace that we could not design and build based on the customers vision. Our exceptional knowledge allows us to meet the challenges of any custom fireplace. The attention to detail and exceptional quality is always recognized by our clients and we always provide high level of service and satisfaction.

      Custom fireplace fabrication involves building and assembling the custom burner and fire box and is followed by running tests to see the overall performance of the fireplace, making any adjustments for optimal performance and flame pattern, as well as looking for any gas leakage. All custom fireplaces are designed, engineered and tested for the ultimate performance.

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commercial custom fireplace fabrication

      Our custom fireplaces are constructed within excellent concepts of safety, durability and substantial respects to compliance to construction and all non-destructive tests within American National Standards Institute (ANSI), UL, CSA, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or other Approved product standards.

      Firebox body is a complete custom fully welded, double layer steel insulated with ceramic fiber heat barrier blanket sandwiched between steel layers for insulation and cut down on heat transfer. All our fireplaces constructed in combination of 10 gauge and 16 gauge steel. The base of the fireplace enclosure houses separate drop-in burner pan(s) with linear pan style burners and built-in fresh air intake openings to allow combustion air to the burners. Lava rock granules or other burner media can be placed over fireplace base and burner troughs to enhance flame pattern. All fireplaces are build with cool touch system. An air wash is installed between the inner and outer glass to keep glass cool to touch with fan assisted blower. Our fireplaces are tested to show that surface temperatures of the glass are much lower than minimum required standards of 172 degrees. Fireplace safety features designed as such with a pressure switch installed that will sense low draft air flow in the vent stack and will shut the entire burner system down in the event of no or low air flow. There is also a pressure switch for air flow in the double pane glass, if this air flow is not proven the system will shut down as well.

      Each and every fireplace we build is completely custom and is designed with safety, durability, easy maintenance and compliant to American National Standards Institute (ANSI), UL, CSA, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or other Approved product standards. We will be happy to provide services to help the client with the approval process.

custom fireplace manufacturer custom fireplace manufacturing

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