Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a custom fireplace. Do you provide this service?
          Yes, we can design and fabricate the custom fireplace to meet your needs. We can work with your designer or simply from a basic sketch you have in mind. Building a custom fireplace based on your vision is our expertise. For pricing and quotes please contact our dedicated team at 604-836-5486 or request a quote here.

How much does a custom fireplace cost?
          Because no fireplace is the same, cost would depend on many factors such as the size of the fireplace, burner style and decorative medium options, as well as fireplace controls including proper power vent fan model. We can submit a budget estimate for your fireplace once we know answers to questions above.

What is your general guidance for considering a custom fireplace?
          Here is a list of consideration:
          1. Decide the fireplace location and size
          2. Find out how and where the fireplace is to be vented
          3. Consider gas, combustion air and power supply to the fireplace location
          4. Decide finishing materials surrounding the fireplace
          5. Decide decorative medium you want to place on the burner, such as
              logs, glass, rocks or none
          6. Allocate budget for the custom fireplace, including installation and finishing

What is the lead time for a custom fireplace?
          Usually it's somewhere between 2~4 weeks before we can ship the product. This can change depending on our workload at a given time. Please enquire when placing an order for you fireplace.

Do you produce heat efficient fireplaces?
          No, our fireplaces are decorative producing ambient heat output.

Do you have ready to view drawings I can use for my project?
          Yes, you can view our architectural drawings by visiting our Specification page.

Are your products UL approved?
          Our custom fireplace fabrications and installations are designed and tested to exceed UL/ULC standards and associated sections conform to North American Gas Code. Our installations and fabrications have been independently tested and approved by ULC and other certified and recognized independent testing agencies throughout North America as specifically required by local jurisdictions

Who can install our custom fireplaces?
          Just to name a few who can install custom fireplaces are gas contractors, mechanical contractors, licensed HVAC contractors or licensed gas fitters. Failure to use a certified professional may void the warranty. Fireplace Concepts North America team will provide assistance with the fireplace installation, if required.

What types of fuel can be used with your products?
          Our custom fireplaces are designed to run on natural gas or propane.

Do you ship your product?
          We ship our product anywhere in North America. As every order is unique, we will provide you with an accurate shipping quote based on the scope of your project.

Do you need more information about the custom fireplace process?
          Please visit our Designs page where we go over in details about the design, fabrication, installation and warranty of our custom fireplaces.

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