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Custom Open Gas Fireplaces

Private Residence

Hudson, Ohio
Architect: Westlake Reed Leskosky

At Fireplace Concepts North America we design and manufacture custom open gas fireplaces purely based on your vision, no limitations, any shape, any size. We have been building open custom fireplaces for over 20 years. Our custom handcrafted products are engineered to your desires and built to last a lifetime.

An architect reached out to us to design an open custom fireplace for the private residence. We have approached this project with a few extra features not only with safety point of view of course but the functionality as well. The custom fireplace was incorporated with an automated damper system that allows to be open upon call of heat and to be closed once fireplace is not in operation. This allows custom open fireplace not to loose the heat from the inside and to prevent cold draft coming from the outside. The floating design, wall hung canopy means the fire can be viewed and enjoyed from three sides. This open custom fireplace gives great all round view to the flames. Platinum reflective crushed glass placed over burner pan to match with the back wall stone surround and to enhance reflection of dancing flames. At the end the open custom fireplace turned out stunning not just a focal point of the room but also serving dual functionality. We can offer various custom options for this design so that it best suits the space and design style.

custom open fireplace open custom gas fireplace


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Create a stunning focal point with an open custom fireplace that creates an intimate setting with unobstructed view of the beautiful flame that draws your eyes

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