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four-sided custom fireplace

Four Sided Custom Fireplace

Private Residence

San Jose, CA
Builder: Pacific Builders Ltd

At Fireplace Concepts North America, we design and manufacture custom gas fireplaces, with no limitations, any shape, any size, purely based on your vision. We have been building custom gas fireplaces for over 20 years. Our handcrafted products are engineered to your desires and built to last a lifetime. We have built many four sided custom fireplaces for our customers and would love to help you build one as well.

This particular four sided custom fireplace was built for a private residence in San Jose, California.
The four sided custom fireplace is a welcoming center feature of the house and can be viewed from kitchen, dining and living room areas. The fire feature is custom designed and fabricated with no visible corner posts.

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Four-sided custom fireplace provide an elegant way to divide up the space providing supplemental warmth and beauty from four sides. It is the ultimate solution for when you want to make the biggest impact. It is perfect for commercial spaces and is loved by architects and designers to create that desirable "wow" factor. The four-sided fireplace design creates a distinctive centerpiece and a Full 360° View.

"If you can dream it, we can build it", that is our mission and we continue to take it to the next level and strive for excellence, improvement and growth in custom gas fireplaces design and manufacturing.
Our team is committed to helping you create your dream four sided custom fireplace.
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