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Private Residence

Chilmark, MA
Architect: Aaron Schiller Architectural Design Consultancy
Contractor: Rosbeck Builders Corp

          This unique three sided open custom fireplace was client's vision that came to life and accomplished just what the client desired, which was to provide a focal point in the room and add warmth to the space. The custom fireplace features dramatic and vibrant real fire flame and is especially enjoable because of its location in the room and because there is no glass installed around it. This custom fireplace is designed with three open sides and two linear ribbon flame fires about thirty six inches long, covered with crushed black glass to enhance flame pattern. Collection hood was installed and suspended at the top, which connected to proper-sized vent system and power vent fan to ensure proper draft.

          This appliance is a custom built decorative gas fireplace. The custom outdoor fireplace is rated for use with propane only and exhausts through a power vented 14” B-vent flue. The fireplace controls are designed to ensure that the exhaust fan has established an adequate draft via a pressure switch prior to initiating the pilot gas ignition sequence. This three sided open custom fireplace was approved by to the requirements contained in ANSI Z21.50-2014 “Vented Gas Fireplaces” standard. The investigation began on April 19, 2016 and concluded on April 29, 2016. The following non-destructive tests required by the applicable product standard were conducted with satisfactory results.

  • Interlock systems
  • Input manifold pressures
  • Temperature
  • Functionality
          The main burner tray is made of 16 gauge low carbon steel. Burners are easily removable, without the use of special tools, for repair and cleaning. The burner tray is readily accessible and designed so that one person can perform the removal and replacement unassisted. The burner is installed in a granite surround which is capable of supporting more than 300 lbs. The fireplace has an induced draft and the design is such as to prevent gas flow to the main burners and pilot burners in the event the blower providing the draft becomes inoperative. A pressure switch is used to achieve this. All controls are accessible for normal servicing and functional adjustment in position and are replaceable during normal servicing. Removal of an access panel to secure access to the control compartment is employed. Each appliance is equipped with an automatic gas ignition system which provides for ignition of main burner gas by means of proved pilot. If the presence of the pilot is not proved, automatic shut-off of pilot and main burner gas. The design of the open custom fireplace is such that the flue gases from all burners are carried out of the appliance through a single flue outlet. The fireplace is equipped with a vent safety shut-off system designed to shut off main burner gas in the event the appliance venting system is blocked. The pressure switch device complies with a nationally recognized standard. The design of an electrically operated vent damper device and the control system are such that the damper is in the open position at all times that gas is flowing to the main burner. The firepalce is equipped with an automatic valve which controls both the pilot burner and the main gas.