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double sided custom fireplace

Double Sided Custom Fireplace

A double-sided custom fireplace is a one of the kind fireplace that offers added convenience and aesthetic appeal to any space. It is usually located between two separate spaces and allows each side to enjoy the beauty of the flames, as well as provides pathways of light and heat transfer. The double-sided custom fireplace is ideal for the open concept design dividing the rooms into multiple sections.

We have built this 12 foot long double sided custom fireplace for the most iconic and modern boutique hotel, Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City, OK. The custom fireplace was built for FLINT Kitchen & Bar, as part of the new remodeling project. The architect envisioned the new stunning design for the cherished downtown OKC restaurant to have a custom double sided fireplace to enhance the elegance and create even more unforgettable moments for its customers. The double-sided custom fireplace is the centerpiece between the bar and restaurant and is situated to allow the customers to enjoy the fireplace from different areas. The architect also wanted to keep the open space concept and went with the two sided contemporary custom fireplace with the shallow top profile that allows for unobstructed views from the bar to the restaurant above the fireplace. The architect chose to go with the crushed black glass media that is placed inside the fireplace to enhance the beautiful flame pattern.

Colcord Hotel
Flint Restaurant

Oklahoma City, OK
Architect: Kendall/Heaton Associates

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double sided custom fireplace double sided custom fireplace double sided custom fireplace

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Double sided custom gas fireplaces allow you add architectural interest and ambiance to multiple spaces in an elegant way

double-sided custom fireplace double sided custom fireplace

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