Private Residence
Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: TSP Space
Contracted By: KVC Builders

custom burner pan

The custom burner pan was requested to be build to fit into the opening with unique parameters in historic Boston home.

The contemporary custom burner pan fitted well into the delicate architectural details of the music room. Famous musicians such as Ferruccio Busoni, Arthur Rubinstein, and Ignacy Paderewski graced the space in its early years and it continued playing host to famous artists into the 1940s.

The custom burner pan is covered with crushed glass to enhance the distribution of the flame pattern.

Every light in the music room – and even the custom fireplace – are tied into one seamless control system.

This custom gas burner pan and all our custom burners at Fireplace Concepts North America are designed with strength, beauty and safety in mind.

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